From battling the impacts of climate change to unlocking the mysteries of fusion energy, the inventors, technicians, scientists and tech entrepreneurs featured in Engineers Making a Difference are part of the exciting and diverse world of engineering. Engineers are problem solvers and innovators, and embarking on an engineering career will give you a chance to tackle some of the world’s toughest challenges.

Here you can meet some of our engineers, get a glimpse into their everyday lives and learn how they’re making a difference through their work.

The kits for Engineers Making a Difference – comprising two copies of the book, 12 posters, a 4m-long timeline wall chart and a Teacher’s Guide – are in schools now.

Meet The Engineers

Chapter 1 - Human Needs

Chapter 1: Navjot Sawnhey

Chapter 1 - Human Needs

Chapter 1: Dr Natalia Falagán

Chapter 2 - Climate and Environment

Chapter 2: Pierre Paslier

Chapter 3 - Powering the Future

Chapter 3: Katriya Sabin

Chapter 3 - Powering the Future

Chapter 3: Manjot Chana

Chapter 4 - Infrastructure and Construction

Chapter 4: Professor Anastasios Sextos

Chapter 4 - Infrastructure and Construction

Chapter 4: Georgia Lilley

Chapter 5 - Healthcare

Chapter 5: Dr Ugur Tanriverdi

Chapter 6 - Advanced Materials

Chapter 6: Dr Clara Barker

Chapter 7 - Communication

Chapter 7: Jahangir Shah

Chapter 8 - Smart Manufacturing

Chapter 8: Neil Glover

Chapter 9 - Transport

Chapter 9: Krystina Pearson-Rampeearee

Chapter 10 - Entertainment

Chapter 10: Pavlina Akritas

Chapter 11 - Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Chapter 11: Joshua Schofield

Chapter 12 - Exploring Beyond our Planet

Chapter 12: Professor Michele Dougherty

Resource Downloads

Here you can find resources that will help you to use the content of the book in your classroom lessons. As part of your school kit, you will have received a Teacher’s Guide, a series of hot topics posters and a timeline wall chart. To support you to deliver the activities in the Teacher’s Guide, we’ve provided some additional activity sheets. Also available here are some other useful resources, such as the transcripts for our case studies.

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